Vaastu Shastra Tips: Entrance

WELCOMEThe Main Door is the index of the quality of the good vibrations of the house and it is a ‘Gateway to Success’.Entrance of a house/office is the first and major point of energy exchange for the entire place, which is why utmost care needs to be taken of its placement. Main door should be beautiful, clean and obstruction free as much as possible. Front door is considered the main entrance to the premise and thus it defines the relationship of all the inmates with the outside world. It is the principal entrance called ‘SIMHADWARAM’ i.e. the lion entrance

Direction for Door Placement

Each of the cardinal orientation has their own effects: North and West brings wealth in our life, East is all for good benefits and South resembles liberation. However, it is recommended to have the entrance East and North direction to be more beneficial for the dwellers. Rank in order of preference is as follows:



Other things that has to be considered during Main Door placement:• When the front door opens, it shouldn’t be facing a tree or another door
• Main door of the house should be larger than the other doors of the house. It should be on the same, or higher level than the street level. Avoid constructing the door below ground level
• Avoid main door facing abandoned, demolished or deserted building
• Construct the main door placement in such a way that no shadows fall over it
• The main entrance door to the house should be of high quality material preferably wood. Metal doors and frames is avoidable
• Do not have any water body under the main entrance door and there should be no bathroom/restroom over the front door.
• Do not have a wall in front of the entrance door
• Avoid inauspicious pictures on the door
• The door should not be slanted, sliding, or circular
• Avoid keeping garbage or dustbin near the entrance
• Shoes should not be kept in front of the door, but to the side. Keep the entrance clutter free and tidy to make the surrounding positive
• The main door should have a threshold. It is considered auspicious to preserve wealth and reduce expenses
• The total number of doors and windows in the house should be even number
• Doors should not be placed in the centre of the wall and should not be black in colour
• Avoid the self-closing doors
• Ensure that the shutters of the doors open up towards the inside of the house. It should have two shutters opening inside and in clockwise direction
• Entrance of house should not face temple or any religious place
• Ensure that the entrance is well lit throughout
• Main gate should never face intersecting roads
• There should not be any obstruction in the entrance gate with things like poles, tree, wires and vehicles
• It is recommended not to have arched doors and windows as they distort the energy flow

Power of Handshake or Claps

hands of friendship

Live bodies have an energy field around them, what is often broadly referred to as the Aura.

The easiest way to measure energy fields is to feel them with your hands. This is a very basic and finite test to comparing energy fields

There is a small energy vortex i.e. chakra in the palms of each hand. It is a very sensitive area.

  1. Rub the middle of the palm for a few minutes, they will get activated.
  2. Then spread your arms as far as you can
  3. Move your palms slowly towards each other.
  4. Feel the resistance at a certain point. The area in your palms will be kind of buzzing when you reach a certain threshold
  5. This is a point where energy from both hands is meeting in the middle.

Use this very same theory with everyone else. Especially when you are doing a handshake or clapping. When two palms face each other, there will be a point where you sense the resistance. That’s where the energy field is meeting and can be measured.

You could also use it to measure the relative changes in one person’s energy field in different situations or places. That would be very constructive.

The overall extent of a person’s field tells you something. People who are more energized, who manifest power in one way or another will tend to have wider fields than people who are reserved i.e. holding themselves back for any reason.

A typical person has an energy field that goes out ~6 inches. A person in good shape who is adaptive and absorbs universal energies might have a field going out much wider (possibly 20-30 feet or more!!)

You can also test sideways around the chakras to see how wide the channel of energy is, using both hands. A bigger diameter indicates a more open interchange. A typical person has 1-2 inches. A person in really good shape could be 10 inches or even several feet.

You can also measure other things than the chakras of bodies. And what exactly you are measuring depends somewhat on what you put your attention on. You can measure the extent of harmful or beneficial energies connected with different things or different places. You can determine the qualities of food also!!