Can Vaastu Shastra /Numerology or any such science guarantee instant results?

The answer is a straight NO. It’s a slow accelerated process. The impact is different for different people depending on some factors but it’s definitely positive. There are tangible ways of measuring it to an extent, however it is still is heavily depending on human emotions (Thank God for that in this heavily “gadgetified” world). One thing to note is that the science will work best when used in a logical manner vs superstitious manner. The latter leads to disbelief and disappointmentFalse claims

Do you trust all those “diet clinics” that help you lose weight instantly?

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Vaastu Directions

Orientation plays a very important role in the lives of inhabitants for a well-balanced, happy and peaceful life. Helps save energy. On Earth our directions are defined with respect to the Sun and takes the “north” as a reference point. If the living and working spaces are oriented according to these directions, they have a direct positive influence on the residents.

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Vaastu Shastra: A Science – Part 2

Recap from Part 1: Achieving the feeling of happiness and peace is the final goal of every action by each of us. Feeling is nothing but constant exchange of energy (positive or negative). Energy is a combination of all natural forces, the balance of which needs to maintained. It’s a moving target. Focus point for purposes of MS (Mystique Science) is the ability to increase the positive energy exchange from surroundings to human i.e. outside in model. Purely based on natural forces common to all

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