Vaastu Shastra: A Science – Part 2

Recap from Part 1: Achieving the feeling of happiness and peace is the final goal of every action by each of us. Feeling is nothing but constant exchange of energy (positive or negative). Energy is a combination of all natural forces, the balance of which needs to maintained. It’s a moving target. Focus point for purposes of MS (Mystique Science) is the ability to increase the positive energy exchange from surroundings to human i.e. outside in model. Purely based on natural forces common to all

Vaastu Shastra literally means “Science of a habitat”. The principles are actually based on application of all fundamentals we learnt in our school. Application of physics and geography rules to biological beings by altering and observing some chemical changes + cosmic forces change and presenting it in mathematical forms (i.e. Numerology). How does that sound? Absolutely layman, ain’t it?? JJ  Alas we grew up!!

Some technical know how. Vaastu Shastra was developed in Vedic times and is 5000+ years old as a science. “Vastu Shilpa Shastra” finds it origin Stapatya Veda which is in turn part of ATHARVA VEDA (one of the 4 Vedas) Evolved over time, it has been simplified so that people can decipher, understand and apply to their lives. Some facts:

1)      Universal:

  1. Applied by any person (irrespective of caste, age, gender, religion or nationality)
  2. Applied to all possible structures (residential, commercial, hospitals, educational institutes, temples etc)

2)      Timeless:  The fundamentals are the same over centuries since they are based on laws of nature

3)      Rational: Based of cause and effect

4)      Governed and Normative:  It has rules and principles

5)      Practical and Feasible: All principles can be applied to modern lives and derive benefit

The 5 natural elements/forces and sources/energy:

1)      Fire =  Sun  (Solar energy)

2)      Air = Wind

3)      Water = Rain

4)      Earth = Gravity (Magnetic energy)

5)      Space = Sound

Hence, our endeavor is to create the balance of these 5 elements in our habitats to attain an overall happy and peaceful life all the timeJ (SMART  goal??)

Next set of articles will highlight different rules. Apply them to your lives and see the difference

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